Pilares de Belesar, the flavour of ancient tradition.  A majestic enclave, hundred-year-old stocks, the tradition of manual cultivation and the love for the land and its ancient heritage lend our wines unrepeatable qualities.

“I fell in love with this land as soon as I set foot on it”

Belesar has an ancestral flavour to it. It is an authentic and ancient land that sends one into raptures. Our wines mirror the character of the hundred-year-old vines and terraced terrain that maintain the traditional manual cultivation.

Fina Cabaleiro

Founder and soul of the project

The land: livelihood.

Ancient tradition.

The Ribeira Sacra is an ancient and sacred land, full of magic and tradition. The vineyards that spread over the slopes of rivers Miño and Sil have coloured for millennia a landscape of unparalleled beauty that captivates our senses.

The vines: masterpieces.

More than one century-old vines.

Our wines mirror the character of the century-old vines. Vines that have been recovered to produce unique wines. We grow two native varieties: Mencía and Godello.

The terraced terrains; put the blame on them.

Manual, traditional cultivation.

Given the arrangement of the vineyard in terraces, on areas of precipitous slopes, the work on the vines and the harvest of the grapes have to be done manually, with little mechanization beyond the rails that carry the grapes or the small crafts that transfer them.

The people, our heroes.

Heroic viticulture.

Viticulture in the Ribeira Sacra influences and defines the landscape and the lives of its people. It is a way of preserving a genuine natural and cultural heritage. Manual work is required. It is a hard and even dangerous work. They call it heroic viticulture and it produces unique wines.

Asolagados, our wines.

We make our wines in the traditional way, with the love and care that only a small winery can achieve and with a fully manual cultivation system. Varieties of Mencía (in barrel and young) and Godello; wines with Ribeira Sacra Designation of Origin.

An experience that will “flood” your senses. Would you like to know why?


Ribeira Sacra, a land to fall in love with.

An unparalleled landscape, Romanesque treasures, wonderful people, and unique wines. Get to know this magical land that will captivate you forever.

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We are a small winery located at the very heart of the Ribeira Sacra, in the village of Belesar, on the banks of river Miño in O Saviñao, Lugo. A few meters from our winery is Belesar’s pier, where catamarans that cross the river Miño dock.

We would love to help you schedule your visit: boat tours along the river, tours in the terraced vineyards, wine and food tasting.


Lugar Belesar, Diomondi, 132

27548 O Saviñao (Lugo)

T. +34 696 85 70 16

T. +34 630 13 62 92



42°35’21.6″N 7°43’32.1″W

42.589340, -7.725575

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